Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Life Through You

My life Through You

Birth: You accepted me as your "5th" child. You let me stay in your home, you fed me bottles, you played with me, you held me, you were there for me. You were the father figure in my life from the moment I came into this world.

5 Years Old: You spent time with me and shared in your hobbies. You took me fishing out at the "lake" and on the dock. You let me watch you clean fish and bring home deer from your hunting trips. You made breakfast for the family every Christmas morning and your whistling could be heard throughout the house.

8 Years Old: You signed me up and took me to guitar lessons. You listened to me practice and encouraged me to "do my best". You helped me when my ears got infected. You played music with me and sang to me. You helped me to ride my bike and went on walks. You took me on vacation.

13 Years Old: You are coming to all of my band concerts to watch me play. You tell me it's OK to be nervous. You practice soccer with me so I'm not the one sitting on the sidelines. You continue to give nothing but encouragement, especially in school.

15 Years Old: You teach me how to drive. You are patient with me throughout parallel parking and getting on the highway. You are attending all of the football games to watch me march on the field with the band. You take me to my solo performances for concert band.

18 Years Old: You support decisions that I make as I enter the next stage in life. You watch me graduate from high school. You cry while giving objective advice about the future, all in celebration of the accomplishments over the years.

21 Years Old: You walk me down the aisle and give me away.

23 Years Old: You watch me become the first family member to graduate from college. You take us all out to celebrate after wards. You don't stand up and make a speech, but I know what you feel. You are proud and happy for the start of a career and the hard work and dedication that you taught me.

25 Years Old: You are always the person I can talk to about goals, my career and questions about life. The tables have turned and I am finally able to afford to pay for YOUR meal when we go out to dinner. You remind me what commitment and hard work will get you out of life. You are level-headed, smart and strategic. I am humbled by your experiences and ability to share but not sway.

28 Years Old: You are there for the birth of your first great-grand child. A son, who we name after you giving him the middle name "Paul". We are honored that he can carry that name. You are proud and record every moment possible. You go to every single race I've ever run, no hesitation, not a single one missed. You even break your ankle walking TO a race and you still stand on it long enough to see me finish. You are the only one that will try all of my experimental healthy meals and say every single one of them tastes good.

33 Years Old: You show nothing but unconditional love as I make the decision to move across the country for a new job. You even help me pack up my car and make the long 2 day drive. We spend hours talking about your troublemaking years, your time in Korea and your big decision to pack up the family and move to Texas over 40 years ago. We eat homemade macaroni together on the side of the road. You do most of the driving because I can't stay awake. You share your life experiences all while being a part of mine.

35 Years Old: You are surrounded by family who love you more than anything. You leave us with the peace of knowing the family you created will take care of each other, and that you have lived as one of the most caring and honorable people most will never be, and that we are so lucky to have had. At 35, I will try to continue to make you proud. Taking care of family, being a good person, always working hard, keeping healthy, trying new things, knowing it's OK to have feelings and yes, playing (holding up hands to motion) the guitar.

I will love you always.

Your Grand(daughter)