Monday, September 29, 2008

Review: LakeView Terrace

Samuel L. Jackson doesn't disappoint!

Everyone knows I'm no good at describing what movies are about. You know, this is the one where the inter-racial couple moves in next door and Samuel L. is just not happy about it.

Lots of "wow, did he just say that?" and "oohs" and "ums". I thought it was really good, while my Aunt just thought it was "okay". I would definitely see it again.

Is it worth the popcorn-YES! Double butter please.

Cool T-Shirt

I'm a sucker for those one-off cooky tees-and this is the latest!

I really want one of these shirts! Too bad they probably don't have one in maternity. Maybe I'll get one in 6 months.

Where To Buy

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Review: Milky Way with more Caramel

Okay-I have to admit- ever since I started eating chocolate again I haven't gone a day without it. So last week, I really wanted a 3Muskateers at work. I even had to borrow change to try and get it because I had NO cash in my wallet. Found the money, and went to 3 vending machines in the building and no luck.

Finally resorted to Milky Way with MORE caramel. Big mistake. I mean, I like Milky Way bars, but not particularly caramel, but I needed a fix.

When it came down to it, I can't say the candy bar was worth the splurge. So if you're ever looking for something chocolate-y, this is not my suggestion. Stick with a regular hershey bar if you have to.

DayCare Update

When Keith came home on Wednesday of last week with the boys, he said Kolbe's teacher at school was fired.

When you hear that you throw up a red flag immediately.

We found out the next day that she was let go because she was too "harsh" with the children. (4 & 5 year olds)

The school was asking me what I thought of her (after the fact) and I kind of thought why didn't they ask before? I always thought she was great. Kolbe loved her and always gave her hugs and she would tell him she loved him and he talked about her a lot. I thought she was good with the kids and disciplined them when needed.

It really makes you stop and think, you only see them interact with the kids for what, 15 minutes a day, tops. What are they really saying and how are they saying it? Would your child really tell you at the age of 4? Is it really any worse than when I lose my patience at home? What's worse, a parent losing patience or a teacher?

Keith and I have been contemplating putting the boys in 5 days a week so that as I get farther along in the pregnancy I can have options come Fridays. Take them both in and get a break, or only keep one, or if I'm having a good day keep them both home like I've been doing. I'm really torn. Friday is MY time with them, and I would feel guilty taking them in when I'm right down the street at home. It's been a mental battle for the last couple of weeks.

We'll see in the upcoming weeks, and in the meantime the teacher they moved over for Kolbe is one I really like, so it should be good for Kolbe.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goal Complete: Visit Dr. Ardman

My intention with visiting Dr. Ardman (who was a counselor for Keith and I back in 2006) was to actually just visit and bring the kids. But with the chaos and struggles in being pregnant again, we decided to start going to her every 2 weeks or so and just talking about day to day struggles, communication and anything on our minds.

It was great to go and get an hour of adult conversation. Always nice to see her and of course to sit and talk to Keith and talk about how each of us are doing and feeling.

I think it will really help as we get ready for another big change in our lives in 5 months!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blowin' Up Stuff

Long story longer:

When I was on maternity leave with Nickolas, I accidentally left an apple out-for 3+ months! The group decided to hang onto it and we saved it for quite awhile, eventually storing it until the nats got in and then disposed of it.

Back in February, I accidentally (once again) left fruit out-this time an orange (I think). We tubbed it and gradually added a banana and an apple.

On Friday night we decided to head on over to Keri's for a small cookout (food of both sorts). Burger, hot dogs, corroded fruit and so forth. It was very safe and sanitary. Lots of documentation which I will post shortly. Very much worth the wait and anticipation. Although we burned the evidence, there was no blowing up of anything.

Safety first!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bloody Noses

Friday was a really busy day!

In the morning we ran a lot of errands-Dallas Gold & Silver, the grocery store, the bank and we all went and got our flu shots. Came home and the boys played outside while I made lunch. They laid down for a nap while I cleaned. Then when they got up it was right back to playing.

This time, playing included Nickolas falling out of the laundry basket hitting the BACK of his head on the hard wood floor. I picked him up and rocked him for a minute, not even looking at his face because he hit the back of his head. After only a minute or two he was fine and got down and started playing. I went in the kitchen for a few minutes and when I came out I saw this!!

He must have really knocked a few things loose with that fall!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Help Pass Senate Bill 1738—The PROTECT Our Children Act

You would not believe the horrific facts on Oprah today about internet pornography and children being abused and the pictures and movies being passed around online by predators like trading cards.

It's making me sick to my stomach just typing this, the statistics and the things being done to these children, some of them as young as 6 months old.

I went to the Oprah site, and she has information and a sample letter on how to get this Bill passed through your senate. I sent a letter to the senate using her directions.

PLEASE take a look.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Julia's Baby Shower

Today was Julia's Baby Shower!

It was at a really nice apartment clubhouse with great atmosphere, lots of Russian food and Julia's friends! I was happy to see some old friends from Fossil-Julia, Bhavini and Sara. It was nice to catch up with them and see how things were going.

Julia is due in about 6 weeks and I am hoping the best for her and the least amount of pain possible in delivery. ;)

It will be wonderful when her baby boy arrives!


Friday morning when I came out to the car with the boys, there was a flower on my seat! I asked Kolbe where it came from, and he said Nickolas got it and put it there (I knew that wasn't true).

Then I remembered Keith went out the night before and got some things at the store, and he took my car!

Friday ended up being an up and down kind of day with the kids, running errands and my headache- and Keith made my day by leaving the flower!

What a great husband!

Group Outing and Cafe R+D

Thursday afternoon we had a group outing at work in celebration of launching several sites. It was a rather large group, and we had a city scavenger hunt and then dinner at Cafe R+D (which I had never been to before).

The hunt was fun. It was slightly exhausting and hot, but fun. Dinner was great (especially since it was no money out of my pocket). Great appetizer, dinner was steak, veggies and potatoes, and fruit dessert with ice cream. Dinner was a lot of fun!

I highly suggest Cafe R+D, but I don't think I would pay for it on my own.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Goal Complete: Finished Knitting a Scarf

This year I thought I would make note of all the goals complete, and move them to a new column as I check them off as well.

This one was quite relaxing. I had been crocheting a baby blanket that I started before Nickolas was even born, and decided to switch over and make a scarf. Only took me about 3 hours and I can work on it while I sit on the couch and watch TV-nothing beats that!

Now I'm back on a crochet kick and started another baby blanket-I'm shooting for pink this time!

Happy GrandParents Day!

Last night we had Keith's parents, my Mom and family, my grandparents and my aunt and cousin over for dinner in celebration of GrandParents' Day today!

We are so lucky to have them in Kolbe and Nickolas' life, and that they are so involved. It has effected who they are and who they will become. It's also so nice to have people to rely on to help out with the kids and influence them-family that we can trust.

GrandParents are very much appreciated!

Kolbe's First Day at Soccer!

Saturday was Kolbe's first day of soccer practice. We didn't really know what to expect or how he would do, but he loved it!

The place was great, as it was indoors and there were blocked off bleachers, area to sit on the sideline and an extra room for siblings to play around. We ran into 2 families from school, so he knew two of the kids there.

His Coach seems great with the kids-Coach Roberto. There are about 8 or 9 little boys in his class. They did warm-ups, stretching, games, drills and started learning how to dribble the ball very, very slowly.

They are too little to play against each other or to play an actual game, but it is a good way for Kolbe to get energy out and he said he can't wait until next week!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The First Kick!

Okay...the last couple of nights as I'm laying on the couch I've felt very slight flutters and thought well it might be the start of something.

And just now, like 5 minutes ago...I felt the FIRST KICK! It was light, but definitely a little thump.

SO exciting!

Must enjoy the next couple of months before body parts start getting wedged in there and stuck causing pain and anything BUT excitement! =)

Sharpie Lamborghini

Stephen sent me this post-pretty incredible!

"Every time someone sees a picture of this car they don't know what to say and end up asking to see more pictures. So here they are for everyone to enjoy! The car was actually done in sharpie markers on the paint and then finished with a clear coat for protection. It took about 2 weeks total. Prestige (Lamborghini Miami) definitely shocked a lot of people when this car was first seen in California during the Concorso Italiano/Pebble Beach week. It attracted attention good and unfortunately bad everywhere it went. "

See More Pictures of The Car

I Heard The Heartbeat!

Today was my 14-week checkup. Nothing out of the ordinary. Peed in a cup, blood pressure, questions and getting to hear the heartbeat for the first time! Was very excited about that!

Dr. Bass said everything is moving along well. I gained 2 1/2 pounds which is not bad considering the outrageous amounts of chocolate I've had the past week.

The next visit will be more bloodwork, a possible sonogram and a schedule to have my RhoGam shot.

He/She is doing well!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do You Let a PreSchooler Paint?

Well-we decided to now we have to finish! We are going to paint Kolbe's room in the colors he picked out (orange and green) and green.

I mean, I'm artistic, I can get it to work-right?

The plan is...paint two walls orange and the other two green-complementary of course. Then paint silhouettes of trains and planes around the perimeter in black or a dark gray so it's not so starck. Get some nice cubes to organize toys and wallah!

We'll see how it goes. We better finish fast because Kolbe is sleeping in our bed with the fumes being too strong in his room and I can't deal with the kicking all night.

Cross your fingers for us!

Labor Day Weekend

It was a busy holiday weekend!

Friday we did Meals on Wheels and headed to the mall that night to buy some paint and eat dinner.

Saturday was an early start down to Waco for Luke's 4th birthday party! It was fun and the boys really enjoyed the rides and the train. It was great to see Chris, Kara and Luke. Afterwards we went down to Keith's parents house and spent the night with family. Eric and the family were there so the cousin's got to play.

Sunday we were out there until after lunch and then headed back home and to dinner at my grandparents' house. They had family over for my uncle's birthday. There were quite a few people so we ate outside.

Monday was a slow day at home and a little shopping since Keith was off for the holiday.

The week has been nice so far. I decided to take the rest of the week off for a little mental break, and it has definitely been a nice change of pace so far. Wish I was home a lot more often than I already am!