Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3-Hour Glucose Test Complete! *SIGH OF RELIEF*

It's DONE!!

I haven't felt THAT relieved after something in a really long time. I was completely worked up about it for the past week-always in the back of my head.

Got there at 8am this morning, there were a lot of people in the lab already. Wasn't expecting that. They took the first blood draw at 8:22am after me fasting for the last 12 hours. The girl who did it was super nice. I told her I just didn't like needles and she understood. She said she could use a kiddie needle on me. I don't know if that made a difference, but it felt like it to me! Had to give blood sitting up. No problems. Right afterwards I drank the glucose (had to be in less than 5 minutes). She told me the first hour is the worst and to try as hard as I could to keep it down or I would have to come back and retake the test. Symptoms could be nausea, dizzies, getting lightheaded, vomiting. Went back to the waiting room to sit for an hour. Had no problems. My stomach hurt for a short time, but it was actually more from the 2 women who came in with the super strong perfume! Ug-it was awful!

The next 3 blood draws were okay, and I felt fine for the rest of the time. The last hour I started to get really thirsty, was a little hungry and was really tired, but it was fine!

Afterwards, Keith and I went and grabbed some bagels and had to run some errands. By the time I got home about 4 I was wiped out and took a nap until 6:30. Keith took care of the boys, made dinner and let me sleep.

SO relieved it's done!! Let's hope the results are okay!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nickolas Karl turned TWO!

Nickolas Karl turned 2 years old on Saturday!

We had a great time on Saturday night with a family party at our place. People got here at about 5:00. It was Keith's parents, brothers and their families, cousins, my grandparents, Mom, sister, aunt and cousin. The kids played outside a lot of the time. Keith's brother got the boys a ride-on train for the backyard, which they love! We had hamburgers and hotdogs and bbq'd on the grill. It was pretty chilly, but it still worked out. My grandmother made cupcakes and Nickolas opened gifts. He's still at the age where he was the most excited about the tissue paper, but he got some great gifts that he loves. Everyone left by 8:30-the kids were beat!

Happy Birthday Nickolas!

Mueller Baby Shower

Saturday was a wonderful baby shower hosted by Keith's parents and the Greens, for myself and Jenny. Jenny is a close friend of the family, and we are due right about the same time, so we all met up for lunch and a shower.

It was nice to see everyone. Keith's parents, 2 brothers and Eric's family, the Greens, Keith's cousins. It was nice. We all sat and enjoyed lunch and then opened gifts.

We got lots of diapers (MUCH needed) and some photo albums, toys and gift cards. Now that it's getting closer I can't wait to start picking up little things here and there we might need.

I can't imagine if it's a girl and buying my first BABY GIRL OUTFIT! We'll see in less than 8 weeks now!

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 was great!

On Wednesday my grandparents, sister and Uncle came over in the morning and stayed through lunch. We had time with them which was nice.

When the boys FINALLY fell asleep on Christmas Eve we got everything out, presents, stocking stuffers. Kolbe and I had made cookies for Santa and left those out. Kolbe was up at 5am on Christmas Day and it was tough keeping him in bed until 7. We enjoyed it here just the 4 of us and then at about 11 made it over to my Mom's. My grandparents, sisters, and uncle were there. It was a lot of fun. Opened presents and ate.

We were pretty worn out the rest of the day, but we were able to come home and relax. It was nice to not travel to so many places this year. I like starting our own traditions and making time just for the 4 of us, because next year it will be just the 5 of us!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I think this is the worst cartoon ever, so I had to use it!

Last week I took my gestational diabetes test. I knew what to expect, but this time I felt really sick when they took blood. It was a rough test. I left after an hour and wasn't really too worried about it since I never had a problem the first 2 pregnancies-and I got the call today that I FAILED IT!

So now I will find out tomorrow when the 3 hour test will be-probably next Monday or Tuesday.

It's just no good all the way around. I have to fast the night before, be there first thing in the morning and they draw blood right away. Then you drink the glucose, wait an hour, take blood. They end up taking blood every 3 hours for a total of 4 times. She warned me if I get sick during the test I will have to come back and do the whole thing over.

I guess I will take it and go from there-but I just want to get this thing over with and cross my fingers that the results come back normal!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow in Texas!

We don't get it here very often!

Tuesday was a big day because it snowed! There was some ice on the roads, and it was a lot heavier in different parts. The picture here is while we were out during lunch break, and at my house we didn't get anything, so the boys didn't even get to see any.

Not many people can drive well in this kind of weather here-I don't think I'm the best driver in it either. Due to that, the school ended up canceling the kids' holiday concert that night! I was so disappointed (I knew they did it for safety reasons), but I was just looking forward to seeing and hearing them sing. Both boys were going to be in it.

We usually get one more round of this in January, but then that's about it. It's supposed to be almost 70 here on Xmas Day!~

Crazy Texas weather!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trains at NorthPark Mall

Last Friday my grandmother and I took Kolbe to see the train exhibit at NorthPark Mall. He LOVED it. We were only there for about 45 minutes total, but he easily could have spent hours in there.

They had different setups like Downtown Dallas, The Golden Gate Bridge, New York, etc set up with trains running everywhere. The models were amazing and the detail work was incredible.

Next year we will definitely take Nickolas too so he can enjoy!

Mueller Dinner at Positanos

Last week we had a really nice family dinner at Positanos (a restaurant I had never tried before).

It was Keith's parents, his cousins and Aunt Etta. Aunt Etta was here from Ohio and Cousin Brad was here from California. In for the week to see Adam and Kathrynn graduate with their MBA's.

We were there for several hours enjoying the food and conversation.

The restaurant- EXCELLENT! I had the lasagna which had shrimp, scallops, spinach and incredible sauce on top. I have to say, it's the best Italian place I have been to. Would definitely go back!


Great night!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Griswalds-Seriously

This is a house just a couple of blocks over from us. I'm surprised we don't see a glow coming from that general direction at all times.

I am posting a movie as well, because the garage in unbelievable. They stripped the door off and put a glass-paned door so you can see in. The inside has a robotic Santa, a train and who knows what else moving around in there. You roll down your windows and music is going and bells are ringing.

I wonder what this energy bill is like? And can you see it from space?

Watch the Glow in Action

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boys Sharing a Room-PATIENCE!

Patience is key.

Too bad sometimes I have it and sometimes I don't. That's where it helps to have Keith as my partner!

It has been 4 weeks since we moved Nickolas into Kolbe's room. It has definitely had it's share of ups and downs, mostly downs.

• They were in bunk beds.
• Nickolas was scared.
• Nickolas woke up over and over at night.
• Keith and I couldn't agree on when to go in or when to stay out.
• We agreed to sit in there until Nick fell asleep each night.
• That could sometimes take over an hour.
• He began to get used to it and slept without getting up in the middle of the night.
• Decided to try one night without sitting in there.
• The boys played for over 2 hours.
• Split the beds and put them on opposite sides of the room.
• Took out every single toy in the room and put toys in the other bedroom.
• Still sat in there.
• Just tried tonight where we let them play until they were tired.
• Not too bad, only took them about 45 minutes.

In my opinion, they are just playing because they can. If they are not hurting anything or each other, they can do that until they get tired. At least they're not crying-they will start to get bored of it. It's just because it's something new.

I know it wears on my patience though, but better now than when the baby gets here. There will be enough lack of sleep as is (as I sit here at 2am writing this).

Off to bed! Where I will NOT be playing-only SLEEPING!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Visiting Julia & Baby Daniel

On Wednesday during lunch I went to visit Julia and new Baby Daniel!!

Julia used to work at Fossil and is now home with her first baby boy! He is so adorable. It was really nice to hold a little baby again (pretty much my favorite age). It made me realize how close we are to having that around the house again, and how I know this will be the last time I get to enjoy it and take it in.

I need to appreciate what's about to come and not take it for granted!

Julia and Daniel and are doing great, look great and I will definitely be visiting them again soon before my little one gets here!

Taylor's 7th Birthday Party!

On the 7th my sister, Taylor, turned 7! (I know, big age gap). So, last Saturday her birthday party was at Chuckee Cheese (which Kolbe calls Mac 'N Cheese).

It was a lot of fun. It was a 10am, which was early, but nice because not many people were in there, so I wasn't too paranoid about crowds or the kids being everywhere.

We played games, ate and spent time with family. Was a great party!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Picture with Santa-2008

Oh joyous time of year-it's Santa time!

Kolbe did wonderfully! He was SO excited to see Santa, talk to him about trains and tell him how naughty Nickolas has been all year and how good HE has been!

Nickolas on the other hand-didn't really like Santa to say the least. We got him on his lap long enough to snap 2 shots and then he was done. However Kolbe sat around on his lap for a good 5 minutes while I decided which picture to buy-the bad one or the really bad one.

OH, it's not that bad-you have to have pictures like this in your stash-and Kolbe looks adorable in it!

We'll try again next year-it will be much easier with 3, right?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ligament Pain! Ouch!

Last week at my regular check-up I was having some slight pain, so the doctor checked me since it was right before Thanksgiving and we were making a drive, and all was good.

Then again yesterday I started having some really uncomfortable cramping type pain down really low and in my stomach a little. I had felt it before, but never this soon in my pregnancies. Called the doctor this morning and she said to take Tylenol and get rest (well, I was at work so I didn't exactly rest), and to call back at 1:30. Called back and she said to come in.

The doctor checked me and asked a lot of questions. When she felt my stomach she said the baby was positioned a little awkwardly, and she decided to do a sonogram. Good news is everything is good with the baby. Fluids and everything are okay. She said the baby gained almost 2lbs in a little over a month-that's a lot. My ligaments are stretching VERY quickly since they are stretching for the third time, and that it's tough when you're on the go and picking up a toddler. It can cause a lot of pain.

Solution: Keep taking Tylenol. Rest as much as possible (but no bedrest-YEAH!) Don't pick Nickolas up (that's a hard one). Give the baby time to turn and hopefully end up in a better position instead of feet kicking down in between my legs all day long!! =)