Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nesting for the 3rd Time: Why Not Compare?

I sit here in anticipation that 48 hours from now I will be holding my precious son or daughter. The thought today has been overwhelming. I am very emotional. Wanting to nest, clean, pack my bag, the list goes on and on - but physically can't. Feeling contractions and pain. I'm feeling relief it's almost here. Sadness it's almost done. Excitement has gone to the back burner and nervousness takes over. Each pregnancy has been so different, so I thought I'd jot down some of the differences. In my state of mind, they're all the down times, but of course pregnancy has been a wonderful thing...

Pregnancy #1- KOLBE

• Not much morning sickness but got sick every time I flew in an airplane.
• Had major sciatic pain about halfway through and had to start seeing a physical therapist 3 days a week.
• Preterm labor at 34 weeks, ended up in the hospital to stop contractions. Gave medication to stop labor that made me shake, anxious and become jittery.
• Doctor gave me Ambien to help me sleep, made me hallucinate.
• Restless leg syndrome.
• Huge amount of water retention.
• Iron deficiency at the end of pregnancy.
• Sleep deprivation the last month.
• Gained 60lbs. total. Took 6 months to lose it all.

Pregnancy #2-NICKOLAS

• Had a lot of morning sickness throughout the first trimester and beyond.
• Sleep deprivation the last month.
• Severe heartburn.
• Gained 55lbs. total. Not quite sure all of it EVER came off!

Pregnancy #3

• Had a lot of morning sickness throughout the first trimester.
• Failed 1st glucose test and had to take the the 3-hour test (PASSED).
• Baby positioned itself on weak point of old incision and ended up in L&D with severe pain and contractions at 36 weeks.
• Was in L&D for a second time with irregular contractions at 37 weeks-no progress.
• Severe heartburn (prescription didn't even work).
• Sleep deprivation the last 2 months.
• Severe restless leg syndrome.
• Numbing of hands and feet near the end.
• Severe pain in hips, as if bones were loose and could not hold frame.
• Gained 56lbs. to date. I'm GONNA DO MY DARNDEST TO GET IT OFF!

I will always cherish the experience of being able to carry children and share everything with Keith. There's nothing like feeling your baby move inside of you, and seeing that life you created for the first time-that first moment. I look forward to that moment once more...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goal Complete: Create Legal Will.

After probably a good year or so of researching, and working on it AND putting it off, last night I FINALLY signed a formal legal will with a notary!

It still needs a little bit of work, but a really good friend of mine was nice enough to help me out in the whole process and now it's good enough where I can go into next week feeling comfortable about it. Keith's is complete too, but we need to make slight changes in the next couple of weeks like adding the third baby, finalizing who would take the kids if our primary choice didn't work out and some details in the paperwork including better witnesses.

Thank you SO much to my friend for your help, and (*SIGH OF RELIEF), it's something I can check off my list for now!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 Days Until Baby Day!!

Baby is doing great!

The sonogram picture came out really well. This is the face. Of course most people can't see a thing in it, but I can tell, and I think it looks like Nickolas! In this the dark round on the right is an eye, another eye to the left, then the forehead and a head of dark hair!! The lips are pretty dominant and the area to the right she said is the umbilical cord.

Could be girly?

The doctor gave me a prescription of Ambien while I was in labor and delivery (AGAIN!) yesterday. I have my last check-up on Thursday and then 6 days from now I will meet this little one that's been keeping me up night after night!

We check in at 10am and by a little after noon....WELCOME BABY MUELLER!

Future Birthday: 02.23.09-WOW.

Everything's Amazing: NoBody's Happy

This is an awesome video. I think this way every single time I fly, other instances too, but flying is so apparent.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Night in Labor & Delivery

Last night completely caught me off-guard!

Yesterday was a great day! I had slept almost 10 hours the night before which I haven't done in months, and then headed over to a work luncheon/shower at 11:30. Afterwards, went back to the office to hand everything off since it was my last day. I felt really good. Went home about 6:30 and felt so good decided to give the boys a bath, then relaxed for the night.

I didn't have an appetite though so didn't eat dinner.

At about 9:30 I started feeling some "cramping". For awhile I thought they might be contractions, but they were about every 5 minutes, and I thought there's no way. If they are-it's false labor (felt familiar, like what I had with Kolbe) and I kept laying on the couch.

At about 10:00 I had a SHARP, sharp pain in my pelvic area, on the incision spot I have been complaining about for weeks but the doctor said was normal as the baby gets bigger. It literally feels like it's ripping on the inside. This time though, it was not going away and it didn't feel right. Called the doctor and she told us to go to the hospital.

My Aunt rushed over to sit in the house so the boys could stay asleep. Keith and I checked in about midnight. Dr. Bass showed at about 1:00 and they had me hooked to the fetal monitor. She checked me and of course, no labor progress, (which I knew there wouldn't be-that was my problem before is I never progressed). Fetal monitor showed contractions at sometimes 4 minutes, sometimes 2-VERY irregular. Also something I had with Kolbe. She explained that after 2 c-sections that close together, the baby is pushing on a spot that is causing this pain and also putting a lot more pressure on that area. They warned me of the signs of "uterine eruption". Not likely to happen, but very scary thought.

Being I'm only 37 weeks she really wants to get the baby to stay in for another 7-10 days (I do too)! So she gave me a shot of demerol for the pain, something for heartburn and a snack and told me to stay for the night so they would try to level out the contractions and get everything back to "normal". If they couldn't, they were going to take the baby today, and as much as I have been complaining when it came down to it I REALLY didn't want that! At about 7 this morning the pain was a lot better and the contractions leveled out, they decided they would release me.

She said come in on Thursday morning and they would check me again and set the date. I'll know more then!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Am Lucky To Have Keith

He's a cutie!

Not only that, but I cannot even begin to explain how supportive he has been this pregnancy. For well over a month now he has been taking care of the boys needs every night. Home from school, bath, bed routine-all of it. He says he will take care of it until after recovery, or unless I am up for it at night, just let him know. But that I need to be getting rest.

If it was even possible he has been even MORE helpful this week with me being sick. Getting the boys ready 3 mornings this week and taking them to school. I am usually the one to take them since I don't want them there so early, and I don't get to work until 9, especially since I have been working from home lately too, but this week he took care of it.

He does most of the cooking too. And I don't believe I have heard him complain one time. He is very empathetic, and although I know he has to be exhausted and needing a break, he always just says he knows it has to be so hard for me and to try and get rest!

I don't know what I would do without him!

Cold/Flu at 36 Weeks Preggo!

So this week has been NO GOOD. Saturday night I slept non, 0 hours, null, zilch, nadda. Sunday night I slept from about 3-7. Monday and Tuesday I made it into work and by Tuesday night I was starting to feel some symptoms. Sore throat, light cough, stuffy nose. At about 3am on Wednesday it hit. Cough, runny nose, hot chills, and every time I coughed it was killing my stomach and hips.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked from home and still wasn't getting much relief eventhough I was taking Robitussin.

Thursday night after calling my doctor and getting the "go" to take Benadryl I had a little relief. Slept from about 2am-7am, after taking the Benadryl and winding down from the restless leg stuff I have going on. I feel groggy, but somewhat rested today!

There's a bunch of junk going around, I just hope it eases up soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review: My Bloody Valentine in 3-D

On Monday I saw "My Bloody Valentine in 3D". Here's the plot synopsis from IMDB:

Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine's night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame is the only one will believes he's innocent.

(BTW- There is a grammatical error made by IMDB in that little plot summary). I guess the internet isn't always accurate.

My Review: I would definitely see the movie again. I didn't predict how it would end, was curious to see. There was one area that I found inconsistent. The guts and gore were pretty good. I laughed at a lot of parts that weren't intended to be laughed at and the acting was horrible, but the 3D part was really cool.

I say give it a go!!