Friday, November 28, 2008

Help Me Disconnect From Work!

It's Day 4 of me being home for a little "mini-vacation" if you will for the holiday.

It's also Day 4 of me checking my work email, answering work phone calls and constantly thinking about WORK!

How can I disconnect?

I don't typically post about work on here, but lately it has consumed my thoughts, even with everything else I have going on. I think it's been a downward spiral since all the meetings and talks began about the "economic crisis". Keith has CNN on 24/7, so that doesn't help.

It seems like there is more work with less hope. And I find myself struggling because I should be thankful I have a job, but I feel like I'm working harder and harder with less rewards. I suppose most people would say the reward is the steady paycheck, but when you're working every other night until 12am with no relief in sight, there is a problem.

How can I disconnect?

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day 2008!

We had a busy a nice holiday. We got up and kind of took our time getting ready to head down to Keith's parents house. We left about 9:30 and the boys slept on the drive down, which I wanted them to because lunch was at 2:00-right during their normal nap. They were excellent while we were out there. Played well. Nickolas is VERY attached to Opa right now. Keith's cousins and brother were there.

At about 3:15 we left and drove back up here to have dinner at my grandmother's house. Had aunts, uncles, cousins and my Mom and them there. Lots of good food and the weather was nice enough the kids could play outside. We stayed there until almost 7:30, and then came home and got the boys in bed and both crashed.

Tiring day.

This weekend we will be spending most of it working on the house and putting up Christmas decorations. We already have the tree up with a train around it. Kolbe is extremely excited about Christmas and is already singing songs.

It's an exciting time of year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

26-Week CheckUp

Well, today was the check-up with the big double digits! 10 lbs gained in 1 month. It was bound to happen. I'd like to blame it all on the large Mueller babies, but the daily chocolate and ordering pizza 3 times in one week might contribute slightly.

Baby is doing great. Blood pressure was still slightly low but nothing to worry about. She did an exam because I was having a lot of pressure and some slight cramping. She said no signs of pre-term labor which was a relief because that's what I had with Kolbe. She gave me a prescription for heartburn. I have my glucose test in 2 weeks and from here on out will go for check-ups every 2 weeks instead of every month.

My gut tells me it's a girl again.

It's going to be a tough holiday season if I don't want to gain 60lbs again with this one!

12 weeks to go!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Verizon Sucks...Can You Hear Me Now?

Let me preface, this is not my car. But I'm not opposed to doing this TO my car.

My Story (I'll try to get to the point)

• 2 months ago, my credit card expired, they can't run auto-pay.

• I make a manual payment from my checking account, pay twice the amount.

• On next bill (through email), states I owe $0.

• Don't pay the next month (says $0 due).

• Cable and internet get blocked.

• Try to call to un-block and pay over the phone.

• Automated system says I need the 4-digit code off my statement to proceed in automated telephone call.


• No customer service rep except for the hours between 10am and 4pm.

• Can't get 4-digit code from internet because the internet is blocked since I didn't pay my $0 owed.

• Have to wait until the next day.

• Get online at work and pay bill (which is somehow now twice what it normally is).

• Call and get cable and internet unblocked.

• They sign me up for a gazillion movie channels.

• Have to call and cancel those.

• Anticipate next bill which says I owe $0.

Can you hear me now?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Night #3 in Big Boy Bed

We took the plunge and moved Nickolas into the bottom bunk in Kolbe's room on Sunday night. *Gulp

About 2 weeks ago there was a bad thunderstorm, and then the time change and it really through Nickolas out of whack with his sleeping schedule. Before then, he had been sleeping until 7:30-8 in the morning (heavenly). After the storm, he's be up between 5 and 6 and sobbing (like a scared scream) when we would leave him in his crib.

Time for change.

Switched to the big boy bed for several reasons. That being one of them. Another was that I can't pick him up and lay him into the crib as easily. Also, I want him to be transitioned and comfortable in there before the baby gets here so it's no big deal that the baby now has that room.

I had been dreading this move.

I have to say, I'm surprised at how well he's done. First night took about an hour for bedtime routine. Tonight it took about 30 minutes. It's nice because we can get them both to bed at the same time. Brush, read a book, song then bed. We have been sitting in the room until Nickolas pretty much asleep, which is pretty quick, and he doesn't try to get out of bed. The biggest challenge is keeping Kolbe quiet in the top bunk and crossing our fingers he won't have to get up to go potty 10 times and wake Nick up.

So far so good.

Lots of changes for Nickolas this week. Moving rooms, bed and now a new classroom at school He's having a tough week! Wait until #3 comes!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anniversary Weekend!

This past weekend was Keith and I's 15-year anniversary from when we started dating, so I thought I would take advantage of the weekend.

We had intended on just having a date night Saturday night, but I had planned with Keith's parents months ago to keep the boys both Friday and Saturday night and surprise Keith. So, I ran around like a mad woman with Kolbe on Friday morning packing the boys up, grocery shopping, running errands, then met Keith's parents to drop them off. Came home and packed us up, got ready, left a card and note for Keith to meet me at the Embassy Suites in Frisco and made my way over there.

It was a nice relaxing weekend. We spent time at the hotel-nice dinner, room service for dessert, great breakfast and lots of quiet resting time. No worry about time or having to be anywhere. Took Saturday very easy and saw the new James Bond movie, did a little shopping and went out to eat Mexican food for dinner.

Got the boys back Sunday.

I can't believe it's been 15 years. I can still remember every moment of our first date, what we did, what Keith was wearing, things that were said. It's funny how back then we had dreams and visions of what time together and weekend plans would be once we were "grown up", but when it comes down to it, when we get the time now we revert back to the simple things that seemed so minimal a long time ago. Just sitting and eating together, a movie, time to relax.

Just the time together-that's what matters.
Here's to another 15 years.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pet Peeve

I have a list of pet peeves that have not changed too much over the last couple of years, and there's one that I am constantly reminded of in social situations, the work environment and even around family.

Pet Peeve #1: People do not ask questions!

Also, as a sub peeve, they do ask questions, but they really don't care what the answer is, they are just making conversation to bide the time.

As I've gotten older, I have noticed I am much more drawn to people that I can have an equal conversation with. I prefer it when we can both go back and forth between questions, answers, stories, small talk, topics, etc. And the topper is-to find someone you can have this with, and then have it again a few weeks later and the other person actually REMEMBERS something you told them the time before. I cannot emphasize how many times I have been around people for 3-4 hours at a time, and they don't ask a single question about what's going on in my life. Work, family, hobbies, etc.

I've talked to Keith a lot about it and just asked him if he realized how hard it was to find? I can only think of a very, very small handful of people in my life who I have this with, and I am very grateful for it.

It shows a real genuine person to do this-caring, attention to detail and listening skills. Also, social skills. Just something I like to keep note of, a mental tab if you will, of what I want to surround myself with and have as a part of my life.

Kolbe's Birthday Party

Last Sunday was Kolbe's 4th birthday party!! We had gone to a friend from school's birthday party at Pump It Up last year and had been looking forward to Kolbe's party ever since!

The place is great. 40 minutes in each bounce room ( 2 of them), then 40 minutes in the party room. The best party is, it's all private. Just the people you invited so you don't have to worry too much about the kids.

Everyone got along great, no injuries and it was great to see everyone. I think the kids had a good time. We had pizza and cake and visited.

Afterwards, Keith's brother and family stopped by for about an hour or so and the kids played and they got to see the house. Kolbe opened his packages. There was a lot going on that day-but it was a great day!

Koble is growing up so fast!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween this year was so much fun! It was a busy day.

I took the boys to daycare because they had a lot of activities going on, and of course, lots of candy! While they were there my grandmother and I did our last Meals on Wheels trip for the year. We handed out Halloween cards that were made by students at a local school with their meals. Afterwards we did a little shopping and then had lunch.

I had to make a phone call into work, then picked up the boys early and ran Nickolas to the doctor because his sinus infection had not cleared. Did some grocery shopping then went to my Mom's for trick or treating.

We had a good group of people and it was fun. Nickolas was so cute and was following all the other kids. Both the boys were great! Best of all, they got a lot of great candy for me to eat this week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Last Thursday was my 22-week sono and appointment.

Baby is doing so good. Measuring about a week ahead and already over a pound. My blood pressure was once again very low, 100 over 55.

We didn't find out the gender (it was very difficult to not find out). During the sonogram I felt like the baby looked a little masculine. The more I go back and look at it, and compare to the old ones of Kolbe and Nickolas-I think it might be a girl.

It's always fun to try and guess!! The time we find out will be here before we know it!