Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One on One TIme with Nickolas

Keith and Kolbe left for Disneyworld super early on Tuesday morning, so I have had Nickolas all to myself since then-just the 2 of us.

It's really weird.

I mean, it's great, but just so different. On Tuesday night after work I picked him up, then we went and ate dinner together, which I realized was the first time I had ever done that just me and him. Then we came home and played, no TV on, no noise. Bath time, snack and bed. I think Nickolas really enjoys having the house to himself for a change. Although he did get very upset when it was time for bed, and I was the only one to give kisses too-he went into Kolbe's room looking for him crying.

It makes me realize that a lot of the time I think of my kids as "one". I always think of interacting with them while they are together, and focusing more on them being together, when I really should make more time for one on one like this, especially with Nickolas who has gotten much less than Kolbe.

It's a nice change of pace-but we are ready to have everyone together again on Friday!

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