Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nickolas & Beds

On Tuesday night when I walked in the door from work, I heard Nickolas crying in the back of the house. We have 3 boys....this is nothing new.

I walk back there and see Keith sitting with him as he's laying the bed, screaming. I look down and see he has a bump about the size of a marble in between his eyes! I gasp!!

I'm not one to overreact at all the bumps and bruises-but this one looked BAD and it was worrying me because of the location. Keith said it swelled in about 3o seconds. He had enough time to explain that he was playing on the bed and went to land on the pillows and missed and hit the hard edge of the headboard. Ouch!

We decide he needs to go to the ER just in case so I pick him up and turn right back around and head out.

We were in there about 2 1/2 hours, and everything checked out fine in the end. Thank goodness. The spot has little cartilage at this point because of his age, so nothing broken and his behavior (normal) shows that nothing happened internally.

Result: Now on day 4 of the morphing colors on his face!

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