Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

What did we do? It was 2 weeks ago and my memory is already escaping me.

I was in Dallas for a wonderful 4 days for a long Mother's Day weekend. Took a very, very early flight and made it in at about 8:30 that Friday morning. My grandfather picked me up and we made our way to the house. I was overwhelmed with emotion seeing Nickolas run out to me, and seeing my grandmother holding Erik. Erik looked so long and Nick was talking a mile a minute. It was as if 3 weeks created new children they were so different already.

My Aunt stayed most of the day still and we ran around and picked up lunch, played with the kids and I had to go to the dentist. They ended up doing a partial root canal and that was not fun. I spent the evening wanting the enjoy every second but wasn't feeling too hot from that. Keith and I took the boys to McDonalds.

Saturday my dad came over and spent about 3 hours with us and playing with the guys. I love having him over and we caught up and it was nice visiting and seeing each other. After nap time we took the boys out to the mall to play.

Sunday was a wonderful Mother's Day. I got to sleep in a little and Keith made me breakfast in bed. We went over to my grandparents house to visit with everyone and then to dinner just the 5 of us.

Monday my Aunt came over and we took the boys to Gattitown and to the mall to play. Lots more running around and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I picked up Keith from work and we all headed out to the airport. I think the highlight of Monday was Erik falling asleep on my during nap time and just getting to hold him and snuggle. Nick took a great nap too and was laying next to us. It was difficult to turn around and leave, and Kolbe caught me off-guard by getting upset and wanting to go. We've built up the "new house" and "new state" so much that he wants to leave now! Weeks must feel like a lifetime to him.

Thank you to my guys for a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm so glad I spent it with family.

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