Monday, August 23, 2010

National Mustard Day

Several weeks ago, on a Saturday far, far away, Keith decided to go hang out with some friends for the day and leave me with the kids. So what do I decide to do with them…take them to the National Mustard Museum in downtown Middleton. I mean…it is National Mustard Day.

Really the only reason I wanted to head over was because I read they were giving away free hot dogs. Who can pass up free hot dogs when you have 3 boys?

I expected a small, semi-quiet air-conditioned building with maybe a stand in the corner with food.


They had the whole area blocked off with bounce houses shaped like cheese, the huge Oscar Meyer-mobile, games, a stage with a concert going on (which all cost money). I decided since we drove all the way over and the boys needed to get out that we would brave the crowd. We made it far enough in for a picture with the hot dog and to get a free hotdog (which Kolbe dropped about 60 seconds after he got it loaded up). In all the chaos and in the middle of the meltdown he was having over this I told him to pick it up, dust it off and it'd be just fine. So he did.

Happy National Mustard Day!

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