Friday, October 3, 2008

18-Week CheckUp!

The baby is doing wonderful!

I thought they were going to do a sonogram this time around, so my grandmother came with me, but they didn't. Good thing I wasn't anxious to find out the gender!

Everything looks good. Baby's heartbeat is good, I'm measuring on target, I gained 5lbs and my blood pressure is up but still a little low. It was 115/60, which is a lot better than 80/60. I'll find out the results of the triple screen next week I'm sure.

I set up all my appointments for the rest of the pregnancy. The next appointment will be the sonogram, then the glucose test at the one after that, so 2 more months until bloodwork thank goodness!

I'm feeling the baby move a lot, although no one else has felt it yet. It's the ideal time because the movements have yet to hurt and are increasing in strength. I'm noticing little things to come, like getting out of breath faster, my stomach becoming harder and therefore noticing it more when I sit down and the struggle to find clothes that fit halfway decent.

I'm very tired a lot of the time, but enjoying this last pregnancy tremendously.

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