Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ligament Pain! Ouch!

Last week at my regular check-up I was having some slight pain, so the doctor checked me since it was right before Thanksgiving and we were making a drive, and all was good.

Then again yesterday I started having some really uncomfortable cramping type pain down really low and in my stomach a little. I had felt it before, but never this soon in my pregnancies. Called the doctor this morning and she said to take Tylenol and get rest (well, I was at work so I didn't exactly rest), and to call back at 1:30. Called back and she said to come in.

The doctor checked me and asked a lot of questions. When she felt my stomach she said the baby was positioned a little awkwardly, and she decided to do a sonogram. Good news is everything is good with the baby. Fluids and everything are okay. She said the baby gained almost 2lbs in a little over a month-that's a lot. My ligaments are stretching VERY quickly since they are stretching for the third time, and that it's tough when you're on the go and picking up a toddler. It can cause a lot of pain.

Solution: Keep taking Tylenol. Rest as much as possible (but no bedrest-YEAH!) Don't pick Nickolas up (that's a hard one). Give the baby time to turn and hopefully end up in a better position instead of feet kicking down in between my legs all day long!! =)


Jeremy said...

You have no idea how much I respect you women for going through that. Especially to do it more than once.

Nancy said...

I hope you're feeling better!