Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: The Last House on The Left

Plot Synopsis: After kidnapping and brutally assaulting two young women, a gang led by a prison escapee (Dillahunt) unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging the parents of one of the victims -- a mother (Potter) and father (Goldwyn) who devise an increasingly gruesome series of revenge tactics.

Steph and I went to see this movie Monday afternoon, and we were excited after reading the reviews. I was SO impressed with this movie. Excellent plot, acting, suspense and shock value. It's been awhile since I had seen a movie this good....UNTIL THE LAST 10 SECONDS!!! I couldn't believe how this movie ended. If they would have just cut it short, and ended it 10 seconds earlier, it would have been an A+! The last part knocked it down to about a B+.

So, not a showstopper, but you may want to consider walking out before seeing the very, very end and make your own ending!

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