Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goal Complete: Go To Six Flags

On Sunday morning I took Kolbe to Six Flags with my Mom, sister, Aunt and cousin. The weather was GORGEOUS!

We got out there about 1:00 and Steph and Stevie were already out there. We headed over to Looney Toons Land and let Taylor and Kolbe ride on some rides. I got to ride Tony Hawk which was my first time-I hadn't been in over 5 years, so I forgot how much fun the roller coasters are! This ride is on a track but then the car spins too.

Kolbe tried quite a bit and of course loved the train the most. He didn't want to ride the log ride, and got scared on the Mini Mine Train, but for his first time I thought he did great.

At least one of my boys are BOUND to like rides!! The odds are in my favor!!

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