Sunday, April 26, 2009


How could I have forgotten to post about our Shreveport trip!? It was last weekend!

We had a blast!

Kolbe was down at Keith's parents house, Nickolas went to my Mom's and Erik stayed at my grandmother's house. We left about 2pm on Saturday and came back about the same time Sunday.

It was so nice to make the drive and have peace and quiet, and a little adult conversation. We took our time, ate and enjoyed. Got to the hotel/casino (we stayed can't remember), but it was nice. A Marriot right next to the casino-within walking distance. We spent a good 6 or 7 hours gambling. At at the dinner buffet and had a good time. Of course we didn't win, but it's the entertainment value and just getting away. We stopped by another casino for about an hour the next morning.

The boys did great while they were spending the night out and we had a really good time. It went by WAY too fast!

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