Thursday, October 22, 2009


Note: This is my experience only, I'm sure the 900,00 people they claim are satisfied are very satisfied because everything online is true.

Several months back, I believe while I was still on maternity leave, I started organizing some areas of the house and came across some old jewelry. Things like my high school class ring, the wedding band I had when Keith and I got married that I no longer wear because we got new rings, and some random necklaces and rings. I decided to try a jewelry shop around here and they offered me all of about $69. At the time I thought-not worth it.

So here we are, October, and the items are still in a plastic baggy buried out in my garage. I come across them as I am in the midst of this "simplification process" of my life. My grandmother had recently sent in some items through this cash4gold and got some money back. So I get online and request the free pack, send my items in. The whole process was great: you get a tracking number, you can check in online and you know when you check is coming. Even when you get your check you can send it back and get your items back. What could be bad about all of that. You know what? The fact that I opened my mailbox one day and received a check in the amount of...wait for it...


Oh well. I cashed it and that's that. It wasn't really about how much, it's about getting all this clutter and materialism out of my more step towards simple is complete.

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Mike said...

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