Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goal Complete: Have My Little Sister Spend The Night

On Friday night we traded 2 boys for 1 girl-my sister! Fair trade I suppose.

Kolbe and Taylor get along tremendously. Taylor wants Kolbe to live with her! So we decided a week back that my Mom would keep Nickolas (so Taylor would have a place to sleep) and Erik (so we could get Taylor and Kolbe out and not have to worry about the baby). My grandmother ended up keeping the baby but it worked out well.

I dropped the kids off about 4:30, and picked up Taylor. Then we went and got Kolbe from school. He really, really wanted to bowl, and I originally wanted to take them also, but then the thought of dealing with teenagers at Main Event on a Friday night was just a we ended up taking them to Nickelmania instead. They loved it. We went to the grocery store afterwards, let them play-video games, trains, read books. They were up until about 10:15 and went to sleep great.

In the morning they were both up about 7. I told them they could go out and play in the living room. It was SO nice. They just entertained themselves and we didn't have to worry about them waking the smaller kids up. Keith and I were both able to lay in bed until 8:30!! It definitely made me long for future days with older kids (but not too soon).

I like my babies as they are, but it's nice to do something different every once in awhile and also have new friends and family come over!

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