Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hotel Lucia in Portland, Oregon

Hotel Lucia

This was a beautiful hotel. In the heart of downtown Portland, if I had more than 24-hours to experience the city it would have been ideal for a longer stay.

Very modern and eclectic style. Down to the final touches such as the door handles, sink style and shape, and packaging of items in the mini bar. The bed was A-MAZING! It was like lying in a cloud, and I thought to myself, "self- you should have this bed". But then I would never get out of it.

I ordered room service while I was there, and cannot make a fair assessment on it as my stomach was so much in knots about making a presentation I couldn't eat. But they had a very heath conscious menu which is appreciated, and I did order eggs whites, fruit and whole grain toast.

This is definitely a place I would consider staying-NOT with kids, but on a business trip for sure.


The PostMan said...

I love the decor of the room.
Thanks for the piece.


Le-Xandix said...