Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goal Complete: Go See a Parade

Yay for making it out to a parade!!

Today we enjoyed a small-town Farmers Appreciation Day Parade in Dodgeville! Once again, I was unprepared, and didn't know where to go exactly or what to expect, but it worked out just fine.

We got there right before it started and found a great spot on the corner. The boys enjoyed the giant badger, the fire trucks, the music and most of all-the candy!! I didn't realize people would throw candy out to the crowd, and then I started thinking back and realized I don't think I've ever been to a parade that I wasn't IN! (Back in the good 'ol popular band days)

I enjoyed the local feel. It wasn't hundred of thousands of people crammed into downtown Dallas with everyone sticking together like sardines. The boys behaved very well. I only had to correct Kolbe once when he said during the 23 second break in the parade that he was "bored" that he needed to be thankful we were here.

It will be fun to go again next year, and yes we are thankful for the Farmers!!

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lazy said...

hahaha! i love this! the trick to candy and to sit near the start of the parade...cause that's where they throw out handfuls of candy...towards the end...they start to run out. aww nicolle...i love these small town experiences you're having....brings me back!