Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Liliana's

Long time, no type. My ex-work husband sent me a note driven by the longing for my blog posts, so now it's catch-up time! Can't disappoint the EX!


A few months ago Keith and I met up with our "new" friends, Jodi and Randy, to try a new place in the area. It was three of my all-time favorite things to do: hang out with friends, get a date night with Keith and try and new restaurant! This outing satisfied all!

I was impressed with the place. It's a semi-fine dining with a New Orleans style and flavor. The atmosphere was nice, and there was live music playing with a nice jazzy sound to it. We all split some appetizers and Keith and I split a meal. If I were still a young woman in my prime I'd remember what we had, but sorely I only remember the flavor being nice and spicy. I wasn't able to eat a whole lot.

The company and conversation was superb and we hope to be able to have a night out like that with good friends again!!

Etouffe excellence!!

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