Friday, November 28, 2008

Help Me Disconnect From Work!

It's Day 4 of me being home for a little "mini-vacation" if you will for the holiday.

It's also Day 4 of me checking my work email, answering work phone calls and constantly thinking about WORK!

How can I disconnect?

I don't typically post about work on here, but lately it has consumed my thoughts, even with everything else I have going on. I think it's been a downward spiral since all the meetings and talks began about the "economic crisis". Keith has CNN on 24/7, so that doesn't help.

It seems like there is more work with less hope. And I find myself struggling because I should be thankful I have a job, but I feel like I'm working harder and harder with less rewards. I suppose most people would say the reward is the steady paycheck, but when you're working every other night until 12am with no relief in sight, there is a problem.

How can I disconnect?

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Jeremy said...

It's never easy, especially since you deal with hard deadlines in your work.

1) Keith turns off CNN. There is no reason to watch it 24/7. Limit the news you watch to one 30 minute program a night.

2) Disconnect from work by reconnecting with other pleasures. Your knitting is excellent for this. It requires close attention but not deep thought.

3) Isolate when needed. Mediation may not be your thing but a few minutes in a quiet room with dim lights will do wonders for you, I promise.