Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kairos Acne Care: I Want to Try!

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A friend of mine sent me this months and months ago, and I guess now that I have broken out with zits the size of tomatoes on my face the last couple of weeks I'm interested in it again!!

Apparently it's a hair care system that also clears up your skin! Here's the deal:

In place of acne-aggravating oils that are found in to many hair-care products, Kairos uses natural oils that don’t clog pores. This also prevents oil build-up so you don’t have to shampoo as often which is ideal for someone like me with very oily-prone hair. In addition, several of the products are formulated with acne-fighting Salicylic Acid, which has been proven to clear, heal, and prevent the recurrence of blemishes. Don’t worry though, your hair will NOT smell like chemicals, the products contain a delicious blend of natural botanicals such as Lavender Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Tee Tree Oil, and Chamomile, for a soft, delicious scent.

I'm going to look on ebay for it...but I want to try it!!

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