Monday, October 25, 2010

Goal Complete: Complete Body Detox

Okay, so I finally attempted a body detox and I'm checking it off my list of things to do because I never want to do it again!

I didn't even go extreme here. I feel the body natural "detoxifies" (if you treat it right) and there's no need to "starve" yourself. So, I opted for an all raw fruit, veggie, whole grain and supplement plan.

7-Day Detox

It seemed like a lot of work. Eating things at certain times of the day (down to the hour) and eating very frequently. The order of items was also important. On the first day alone I could barely choke down the 4 cups of steamed veggies I had prepared (see pic). It was awful. And I don't despise veggies.

By the 4th day I felt really good. I felt "lighter"...and I don't mean that in weight but more just a relative feeling about myself and I also didn't feel as tired. I could tell I was very hydrated as the detox also required 8 glasses of water a day in addition to broth and water with Vitamin C powder added. I was never hungry really. But at the same time, I felt very "deprived" of any tasteful food which was sparking a strong desire to splurge and eat junk.

It was supposed to be 7 days, and after day 4.... I ordered a pizza. I may have lost a couple of pounds (we don't keep a scale in the house), my jeans fit a little looser.

This experiment has shown me if I don't give in to little treats occasionally I'm going to have a lot of pent up cravings inside and go crazy. Detox is just not for me!

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