Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goals Complete for 10.10.10

This year marks the 3rd year I have set GOALS online for myself, and the time range has ran for 13 months each.


The next one will now be.

Wait for it....


Congratulations if you got it right!

I'm pretty proud of the goals I accomplished this past year, even if the checked off list is not a hefty one. Here they are:


  • √ Get a bicycle
  • √ Go see a parade
  • √ Have my little sister spend the night
  • √ Help my sister financially
  • √ Meet my dad
  • √ Paint Kolbe's room
  • √ Paint Nickolas' room
  • √ Speak at a design conference
  • √ Submit a white paper
  • √ Travel to midwestern state
I'm the happiest about my dad of course. It's been an up and down process that's for sure. Speaking at WebVisions was an incredible experience, and I'm hoping to do it again next year. Also traveling to Wisconsin was at the top of my list-because that landed me at my new job!

Now it's time to reassess the upcoming goals and get to work!
Bring on 11.11.11!

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