Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Riverside and Great Northern Railway

Riverside and Great Northern Railway

Several weeks back we took the boys to ride a train up in the Dells. Warning: if you are looking for anything on a County Road and using a navigation system- DON'T TRUST IT! We got so turned around and ended up practically in the backyard of a mobile home on a gravel road.

We got our bearings, and after driving dangerously over the speed limit (well, not too dangerously, we do have kids in the car people), we got to the train with about 5 minutes to spare before it took off. Just enough to get both the boys to use the bathroom and get our tickets!

The train itself was smaller than I thought, but the boys loved it. It was a 3 mile ride, and after half of it they stop and let everyone out and talk about the area, the train, etc. No interest from Nick or Erik, but Kolbe was very intrigued. He wanted to know how it worked and was really studying and concentrating on what the conductor was saying. He's my little engineer!!

The trees, lake and scenery were beautiful - and this really sparked Erik's interest! He's been making choo choo sounds and playing with them non-stop at home. Now we have a third enthusiast in the household!

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