Monday, November 1, 2010

I say Chuckee, You Say CHEESE!

Kolbe's birthday party was Sunday morning and we had a great time!

I was really worried about how many kids would show, and although we only had 2 of his friends come I thought Kolbe really enjoyed it and it certainly made it easier for us. We also had some family friends come in from Pewaukee which was a real lifesaver!

Fu Chee is Kolbe's good friend right now at school, so they were inseparable the whole time. We got to know his parents a little who live right near us and also have 3 other children (all under the age of 5)! And I thought we had our hands full! Fu Chee is super sweet and we are excited Kolbe has a new friend!

The Chuckee Cheese we had the party at impressed me. They were nice, organized and they had a lot of extras like the crown, ticket blaster and a great hostess. It was also really inexpensive-the least we've ever paid for a party.

I certainly missed our family and friends a lot, but think overall it's a party that Kolbe will remember! Happy 6th!

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