Tuesday, November 23, 2010


About a week and a half ago we drove out to Milwaukee and took the boys to TRAINFEST that was located at the indoor stadium at the state fair. It was SO much fun!

We got there about 10 in the morning and it was really cold. I'm so glad it wasn't outside 'cause the wind itself felt like it was burning my face. When we got in I realized I forgot the coupons and Keith was nice enough to run back out (hey, that was $8 saved)!

We met up with JJ (Julie and Jamie) and the boys were thrilled to see them. We were happy to see them too, and not just so they could help us keep up with the kiddos!

I was impressed with the setup. They had a small train you could ride, and they had one that was right there on the ground so they could sit and watch it at their level. The rest was hard for Nick and Erik to see, and we had to pick them up a lot for a good view. They had people telling stories, lego building and of course lots of trains you could buy.

After about 2 hours we sat and had some lunch there and decided to call it quits. But over 2 hours with no meltdowns in such a crowded place was a happy and successful day in my book.

We thought they would be pooped and sleep the whole way home. Nope. That was the only downfall. They were kind of cranky the rest of the day, but it was all worth it!

We will definitely be going to TRAINFEST again next year (which Kolbe has made sure to ask about already)!

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