Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Treinen Farm

A few weeks ago we took the boys over to a farm in Lodi (which I now know the "i" is pronounced like me, myself and I" not "eee" sounding). You know how I know this? Because people at work started laughing and pointing (well, maybe not pointing) when I said "Lodeeeee".

I mean, people don't say "raviol-I", they say "ravio-leeeee".


So we really liked this farm. We got there too early because it was the time change weekend and the boys were up and ready to go so we made the drive out. We drove around for awhile until the opened and saw a cow giving birth! Gross.

When we got to the farm no one was there (no other visitors), so we had the place to ourselves. They had a corn maze, a playground made from tires, so large bikes to ride around and the best part-the tunnel slides! Nick was scared to go and Keith took him down once and he was hooked! This was my favorite part, and if the weather weren't already ridiculously cold I would go back, but it will have to wait until spring!

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