Friday, July 29, 2011

Goal Complete: Take a Yoga Class

It's not that I haven't done yoga before.

During my bouts of super health-y-ness (is that a word…healthfulness, health-ness… get the point), I've done the waking up at 6am before anyone else to try and keep up with a slender and flexible woman doing the downward dog on TV. That typically ended in me sitting on the couch WATCHING a slender and flexible woman doing the downward dog while eating a bowl full of cereal.

I've also done the P90X yoga. Let me rephrase. I've also struggled clumsily through about 10 minutes of the P90X yoga thinking there's no way another human being can do this and not feel pain in every part of their body and why was this ever created.

I've also just worn yoga pants. Around the house.

But now, I've taken a REAL yoga class…in person at the Comer Center at work. A friend of mine suggested it out of the blue one morning and thought I'd give it a try so we went together.

I loved it!!

It wasn't necessarily a beginner class, but it was very realistic and with a relaxed teacher and environment. I actually enjoyed the poses and was able to do a lot of them. Downsides: I was having a lot of "stretching" pain near my incision scar, but I've had problems the last several years in general, so just need to note to be careful. Also, it really made me realize how weak my core has gotten. Before I had kids I really took a lot of pride in how strong my abs were and I was always the one to do the most sit-ups in gym class (Not you Nikki Bull…ME)! Alas, after 3 kids, it's just not the same.


But, I have a lot of belief that working hard and challenging your body will get results. I definitely want to keep up with the class. Have I gone back?


But I will, I will.
For the love of downward dog I will!

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