Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank You Japan

Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday were filled with a lot of work, another dinner and more things learned. As the end of the trip came to a close I had mixed emotions about it. I was very homesick and ready to be home with all of my boys...but at the same time I was feeling sad about leaving the Japan people and office.

I don't feel I can do a very good job at describing the culture that I experienced there and the people I met. In the corporate environments I have been in over the past decade there are a lot of "office politics", a lot of competition and a lot of "show".

This is not at all what I experienced during this business trip.

I have never seen so much respect and appreciation in the workforce, and among people as a whole. People are not "loud". People are not all about making sure they get credit for something or about being right. In the same breath, there is a huge effort to get everything done possible, a lot of hours put in and a lot of hard work. There is a sense of organization, confidence in culture and foundation.

I am humbled by this.

I wish I was more like so many positive examples seen from the team - in my career and personal life both.

Thank you Japan for your hospitality, and the country will always be in my heart!

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