Saturday, December 8, 2007

Good Luck, Florian & Lissette

On Friday night we were thankful to be a part of Florian and Lissette's Going Away Dinner. They are headed off to Germany on January 6th!

We had a wonderful dinner at Trader Vic's near Mockingbird Station. Great atmosphere and good company. It was Lissette's brothers and their wives (that sounds bad, they each only have one wife), and a few people from Fossil, including Linda. Flo announced that they are expecting their first baby in July.

I remember the days when Florian had just joined our group, and was new to the country. During a "younger" and more eager time, we spent many hours up at work learning new things, hanging out and goofing off. Last night we talked and reminisced about those days, and the differences in the cultures, and the wonderment of being in a new place. I will never forget all our conversations, Dr. Pepper, "How are you" and "JA".

It's only Good-Bye for now...

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