Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quit the Addiction-Cold Turkey

So Friday night was the cutoff. We're talking cold turkey here, possible withdrawal symptoms, no 12-step program, no "milk patch" available.


I have to admit, with Kolbe we were really good about his bottle routine, he never had one in bed, and he had no problem stopping at a year. Now with Nickolas, I don't know if it's because we felt more tired, or were lazy, or he was just a hungrier boy, but we gave him one at night and gave him a bottle when he would cry. It got to the point where he was sometimes taking a bottle 3 times a night which I knew he wasn't calorie-deprived, so we had started a very bad habit.

So needless to say I was worried going into the weekend, and thankful I had the upcoming week off to catch a nap during the day if I needed to, but Nickolas has done amazingly well. He takes a cup during the day, and no bottle anymore. He was up the first night and cried for 23 minutes (which felt like 223 minutes in Mom time), but went to sleep on his own and slept until 6. Then last night was up for maybe 5 minutes at midnight and slept until 7:15. No problems napping either.

Bottle-free happy home!

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