Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gray Hair-You Have Appeared!

Yes, there has been a significant amount of gray discovery in the last week - enough to create a scene.

Last week, getting ready one morning I found one on my head, plucked it.

Over the weekend, I found one in about the same place, plucked it.

This morning as I was about to head into work I went to brush my hair in the car, ANOTHER ONE. That was the final straw (literally). Plucked it and decided to hang onto it, it's in an envelope on my desk. I think I might still be in shock.

Then, to top it off, I am in the bathroom at work and see ANOTHER in the same place, but long. How does it grow that long without me noticing? Bottom line-4 in one week.

Just give me another week or two and I'll have a full head of grandma gray hair. Poltergeist, here I come.


Nancy said...

I keep trying to convince myself that the hairs I'm plucking are actually blonde. I will stare at them and get them in various lights to see if they are REALLY gray. I am in denial. :)

Jeremy said...

Heh...I remember the first gray hair I found. Just one little one in my beard. That was in 1997. Now the beard is pretty much completely gray. Every time I get a hair cut, The brown-to-gray ratio on the floor tilts a little more.