Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Selfish

So, I've been pretty overwhelmed at work the last several weeks, but increasingly so the last week, and it came to a head today.

Everything kind of hit me. Thought I was handling it okay, but apparently not.

Sulking in my problems that seem to be escalating by the hour, I head home at 5:30 (after having to skip a meeting that I wasn't included on or I could have planned accordingly).

I'm driving home. The same route I take every day. On my way to get the boys from school, and what do I see?

An elderly lady in a wheelchair holding several large items in her lap, on the side of the road! She appears to be fine, but she's needing to cross the street in heavy, heavy traffic. She doesn't even appear to be able to move, let alone get her wheelchair across the street. Maybe she was waiting for the bus? Did I stop? No. Should I have? Probably.

What is her life like? Does she get upset about having too much work to do? Kids not listening? Not enough time to clean the house? The fact that traffic was heavy and added 5 minutes to her commute?

I can almost guarantee she doesn't. Her worries (and I am assuming here), are along the lines of how to get from point A to point B, meals for the day, health.

How can I possibly complain, when you put those worries in comparison to each other?

Reality check, Nicolle.

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