Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Bought My Fictional Book

It's actually not a fictional book, but really the point (it's on my list of goals), was to take myself back to when I used to actually sit and read for leisure. Not grab a recent magazine, or try and improve things with a self-help book or read something about design. I wanted to be able to take in something new, something that challenges me and something that relaxes me.

The plot of this book is (from Amazon):

The narrator and protagonist of Middlesex is Cal, a hermaphrodite raised as a girl who later finds something resembling happiness as a man. Born Calliope Helen Stephanides into a Greek-American family, “Callie", as he is first known, seems like a girl to everyone – parents, his half-blind, old-fashioned doctor and even the other kids at school. But as Callie gets older, his voyage into puberty diverges sharply from the other girls he knows, and he begins to suspect, subconsciously at first, that something is different about him.

I bought it purely based on the title, how the spine looked and that I had a child with me who wasn't tolerating being in the store anymore.

We'll see how the book goes!

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