Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is it Insomnia?

I've always been a night-owl. Thinking back to when I was younger, especially junior high, teenage years, I always stayed up late if I could. My mom would make me go to bed by 10 during the week, but on the weekends I was easily up until 2am, watching Saturday Night Live, talking on the phone, reading, drawing, hanging out with friends, anything really.

Then in college I was up because I had to be, pulling all-nighters to get work done.

I guess maybe in the early stages of my career I eased up a bit on the late nights, heading to bed by 11 or so on a lot of nights, but was also able to sleep in until 10 or 11 on the weekends when nothing was planned (which I could easily do).

Then the kids came.

Now my night begins at 9:00pm. Doesn't mean that's when the fun starts, it just means that's when I get time without making meals, changing diapers and having 2 small children hang on my legs just while I try to go to the bathroom. This is the time when I get a workout in, watch TV, talk to Keith, work on freelance, clean the house, and the slight possibility of relaxation.

Maybe that's why I have gotten in the very bad habit of staying up until all hours of the night (always after midnight on most nights). It's 1:33am right now, I know I need to get up at 7 to get the boys ready and myself ready for the day, but I still can't bring myself to go to bed. I don't think it's insomnia, but I'm not quite sure what's going on. I do know I'm not more rested when I get 8 hours of sleep now, I'm actually more tired usually.

I need to figure it out!

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