Sunday, September 28, 2008

DayCare Update

When Keith came home on Wednesday of last week with the boys, he said Kolbe's teacher at school was fired.

When you hear that you throw up a red flag immediately.

We found out the next day that she was let go because she was too "harsh" with the children. (4 & 5 year olds)

The school was asking me what I thought of her (after the fact) and I kind of thought why didn't they ask before? I always thought she was great. Kolbe loved her and always gave her hugs and she would tell him she loved him and he talked about her a lot. I thought she was good with the kids and disciplined them when needed.

It really makes you stop and think, you only see them interact with the kids for what, 15 minutes a day, tops. What are they really saying and how are they saying it? Would your child really tell you at the age of 4? Is it really any worse than when I lose my patience at home? What's worse, a parent losing patience or a teacher?

Keith and I have been contemplating putting the boys in 5 days a week so that as I get farther along in the pregnancy I can have options come Fridays. Take them both in and get a break, or only keep one, or if I'm having a good day keep them both home like I've been doing. I'm really torn. Friday is MY time with them, and I would feel guilty taking them in when I'm right down the street at home. It's been a mental battle for the last couple of weeks.

We'll see in the upcoming weeks, and in the meantime the teacher they moved over for Kolbe is one I really like, so it should be good for Kolbe.

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