Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kolbe's First Day at Soccer!

Saturday was Kolbe's first day of soccer practice. We didn't really know what to expect or how he would do, but he loved it!

The place was great, as it was indoors and there were blocked off bleachers, area to sit on the sideline and an extra room for siblings to play around. We ran into 2 families from school, so he knew two of the kids there.

His Coach seems great with the kids-Coach Roberto. There are about 8 or 9 little boys in his class. They did warm-ups, stretching, games, drills and started learning how to dribble the ball very, very slowly.

They are too little to play against each other or to play an actual game, but it is a good way for Kolbe to get energy out and he said he can't wait until next week!

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Jeremy said...

I didn't know they had soccer for kids as young as Kolbe. Pretty exciting!