Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Nickolas!

My sweet boy is 3 years old today!!

I really struggled this year with how to handle his birthday party. In the past, we've only had family, and that worked well at those ages. But this year, I worried about him turning 3 and not having more friends involved. So we debated, and debated, and ended up deciding it was best to keep it low-key again for a few reasons. 1-it was right after Christmas (I know, I'm sorry Nick), 2-we didn't want to spend a lot of money (once, again..sorry Nick), and 3- we did Christmas at our house this year and knew we'd be just plum tired (poor Nickolas).

SO-I was determined to make this special, darnit! We had a DINOSAUR themed birthday party with family and I thought it turned out pretty good! We had a few dino decorations...a HUGE blow-up dinosaur with dino EGGS! I paper mach├ęd eggs with small dinosaurs inside, so that each child could open them up at the end of the party. We had a dino DIG! So we filled a kiddie pool with sand and lots of small bones and put it in the kitchen for the kids to dig. They loved it. My grandmother made a dinosaur cake which turned out great. And we attempted to play Jurassic Park but my family overturned that decision in leiu of the football game.

2 of the kids were unable to make it, so it was only the boys and my sister, but I don't think Nick minded, and it was definitely nice to have a smaller crowd as we came to an end this holiday break. Nick is happy with all his dino gifts and he's now my big 3-year old BOY!

Love you Nick!

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