Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Wish You a Merry...WHA?

So I'm driving the boys around to look at lights...and we make our way over to the street with the Griswald house that we go to every year. We spend some time looking at that house, get out of the car to see the scene in the garage, and then pack up the boys to finish looking at the rest of the lights on the street.

As we near the end of the road I look out to the right and see a nicely decorated house...but as I look closer I see...THIS! I mean...I get it...it's supposed to be someone who was hanging lights and fell in the process.

Come on.

This is clearly Michael Myers hanging from a tree with a knife! And if you look closely the face looks like a zombie from "I Am Legend". There is no joy in this image!! This should have been up for HALLOWEEN!

I appreciate the effort, but let's keep Xmas rated G people.

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