Thursday, August 7, 2008


In 2 hours, it will be 08.08.08-DEADLINE DAY! The day I needed to complete all the goals I had listed out that I wanted to accomplish for the year. I can't say I did everything on the list, but I guess since creating the list a year ago I made some significant accomplishments. Below are the items I am noting, and removing from the list that were done:

  • √ Attend a DSVC meeting.
  • √ Attend a musical.
  • √ Bring Kolbe's teacher a gift.
  • √ Bring my Mom to Hawaii.
  • √ Buy breakfast for team at work.
  • √ Call a friend I never talk to.
  • √ Complete a half-marathon (13.1m).
  • √ Compliment a stranger.
  • √ Contact 5 new people in my industry.
  • √ Do 1 volunteer project.
  • √ Eat at III Forks.
  • √ Get a family picture taken.
  • √ Go camping.
  • √ Make a donation.
  • √ Make a meal for a sick friend.
  • √ Paint 1 wall mural.
  • √ Sing a song to Keith.
  • √ Start a new investment option.
  • √ Take GG & Pappy to Melting Pot.
  • √ Take Oma & Opa out.
  • √ Tell 1 family member true feelings.
  • √ Travel to Hawaii.
  • √ Trim all bushes in the backyard.
  • √ Try a new hairstyle.
  • √ Visit my sister's dorm.
  • √ Watch all the Leprechaun movies.
WOW-26 things in a year. That's actually not too bad. If I had to pick the top 3 accomplishments, it would probably be taking my Mom to Hawaii, completing the half-marathon and watching all the Leprechaun movies. ;)

Now I am starting my list for 2009 to begin right away and end on 09.09.09. I'm going to carry over the items I didn't complete this year, and combine them with what I started for next year. Let's see if this time I can check them all off!

It's good to have goals!

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Nancy said...

Hi! Congratulations on reaching your goals! I'm impressed.

I set my blog to "private" recently and I realized that I don't have your e-mail address. If you e-mail me, I will put you on the blog.