Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Essen Haus

Keith and I have driven by "The Essen Haus" at least a handful of times, and each time he is really adamant that he wants to try it! SO, on Sunday night when we had our date night I surprised him by heading that way and checking it out.

I expected something similar to "The Bavarian Grill" in Plano. German decor, loud music and lots and lots of lederhosen. "The Essen Haus" had 2 of those things (no live bands on Sunday nights).

We were impressed with the setup and there was a large bar area (of course-Germany is known for a beer or 2, right?). Lots of little details and the menu really was authentic food with a few additional options. We were both super excited when they brought out PRETZELS instead of bread. Awesome! They also brought out rye bread during the meal. The place fell one notch down on my soda ladder seeing as they didn't have Dr.P…but then again, most places up here don't. I settled for a Sierra Mist (Oh if I must).

I have no idea what Keith ordered but it ended up looking like an entire animal's leg severed and laying on a plate. I went safe and ordered grilled shrimp and potatoes and it was SO good! Keith said his was OK (after it kicked him in the face), but we both agreed it's a place we would go to again. We think Keith's parents would especially enjoy it. Seems like a good family place (minus the beer), and if the kids got loud it would be OK.

Great place! Two animal legs up!

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