Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goal Complete: Get a Family Pic Done

Although I did do a little research on photographers in Wisconsin and some different family photography options, we ultimately ended up propping the digital camera on a stool in the back yard and crossing our fingers.

Also, I'm just too cheap to shell out the dough.

My only requirements: had to be done in the snow, and it had to have all 5 of us in it (Those requirements are in no particular order).

We had originally tried the picture at the top of the hill behind our house. The lighting wasn't great but I was so eager to just get it done that after we took just a couple I looked at it on the LCD screen and said "DONE". Luckily, Keith said why don't we try a few more on the other side of the trees, and we did. I'm SO thankful because the other ones that I was previously satisfied with were horrible.

We ended up using this for our Christmas card and I think it's really good. The boys aren't screaming, it's in the snow and we actually look like we all get along.

Happy Holidays!!

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