Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goals Complete for 11.11.11

This year marks the 4th year I have set GOALS online for myself, and the time range has run for 13 months each.


The next one will now be.

Wait for it....

12.12.12 <-----Isn't that right around the time of the apocalypse?
I better make these next ones GOOD!

The goals completed from this past year have not been the best from my lists, that's for sure. But they are still significant:


* √ Find a New Dermatologist
* √ Lose 10 Pounds
* √ Take a Yoga Class
* √ Visit Another Country
* √ Take the Boys Bowling
* √ Get a Family Pic Done
* √ Complete Body Detox

There are also quite a few things that I wanted to write about and didn't get up yet. Not sure that I ever will so here are a few:

• Review of Bistro 101
• Obsession with Ho-Chunk Casino
• Review of Toy Story 3
• Father's Day this year and visit to the ZOO
• Running progress and details about the marathon training
• The Botanical Gardens
• The Petting Zoo
• Cave of the Mounds (we have season passes now though)!
• The EMU that came running after me on the country road while I was driving!
• Review of Japanese Takara (2 locations)!
• The Apple Orchard
• The UW Geology Museum
• Review of Otto's
• Madtown Twisters Visit
• Easter Sunday
• Trip to Germany and the UK

Now it's time to reassess the upcoming goals and get to work!
Bring on 12.12.12!

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