Thursday, September 20, 2007

My GrandMother

Had her knee replaced. She is doing great.

This is the second time she's had this procedure. The first time was about 7 years ago and she has had no problems with that one. For the last several years she has had major problems with the other one, and has been in constant pain for years with repeated cortisone shots, scraping, draining, you name it. But she feared going "under" and she also didn't want to be laid up in bed and doing physical therapy. Well, she finally gave in and did it.

It's funny how times like these allow you to see things in your own family that you usually either take for granted or don't stop to acknowledge. My grandmother is so strong-physically and mentally. She is 75 years old, and does amazing things.

My grandfather has been there by her side for the whole thing. I get butterflies in my stomach watching them. Him holding her hand, encouraging her, helping her walk, getting her anything she needs. Yes, they bicker-quite a bit. But it's times like these where the true emotions come out, and they love each other so much, they joke with each other and make each other laugh. All these years, and they are right there for each other-that is what a true marriage is all about.


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I hope her recovery goes well. I'll send happy thoughts her way.