Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank You

Thank You to those I learn from and who touch my life:

Keith-For teaching me forgiveness, patience and letting me see how good of a father and role model he is every single day to our boys.

Kolbe & Nickolas- For showing me pure love, innocence and unconditional happiness.

My Mom- For listening and always checking in on me.

My Sister- For coming to me for advice and sharing what is going on in her life.

My Friend, Anne- For having an excellent memory, genuinely caring about what is going on with her friends and family, and her courage.

My Friend, Jill- For being charismatic, intelligent and reliable.

My Friend, Brandon- For listening and taking the time to discuss non-superficial topics about life.

My Grandmother- For always being there no matter what. For being strong and caring.

My Grandfather- For taking the time to ask about my work, home life and encouraging me unconditionally.

My Mother-In-Law- For showing me sincerity, hospitality and for raising an amazing son.

My Father-In-Law- For being a good communicator, sharing his wisdom and being a gentleman (and teaching that).

My Aunt, Steph- For making me laugh, and for showing me kindness to all people.

My Friend, Jeremy- For taking the time to check in on me, and have an open-mind.

My Friend, Melina- For making me laugh, and giving me a comfort in our neighborhood I never knew I could have.

My Friend, Andi- For showing me a positive attitude and how caring someone can be.

My Boss, Tim- For teaching me how to listen, sharing his knowledge and being supportive and professional.

My Friend, Nikki- For showing me strength, support and how to relax.

My Friend, Jennifer- For showing me that a true friend will always be a true friend, even with time apart.

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