Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Welcome 2008!!

Keith and I welcomed the New Year with a night out! It was so drastically different than just a year ago, when we brought home Nickolas on New Year's Eve. We figured this year needed to be just us.

Keith booked a room at the Gaylord, one of our favorite places. The lights and atmosphere are always amazing there, and we had a room with a balcony this time. We had a fairly low-key evening, early dinner and movie, and walking around the resort. Only stayed up slightly past midnight. It was nice to just be able to talk, relax, sleep in and enjoy the time.

My New Year's resolution is to follow a 12-week training program that I set in place to a "T". I either have to have a very specific goal, or a tangible goal, and this program makes me very accountable because I either do it or not. So, this is the program that will get me ready for the half marathon in May.

So I'm in that mindset and ready to go...starting tomorrow! ;)

Keith and Nicolle's New Year's Eve Pictures

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