Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FTD Flowers = Forget Timely Delivery?

Okay-I'm not typically one to complain about a business, company, customer service or especially service in restaurants, but I thought I would just make a few comments about FTD and their processes.

Valentine's Day was last Thursday, as we all know, so I decide to send my Mom flowers to her work from the boys. I ordered online on Monday-plenty of time in advance, and selected Thursday delivery.

Called my Mom on Thursday at 11am, and she didn't say anything so I knew she didn't get them yet-not terribly worried, but wondering when they will. Decide to get online and inquire, thought I could just use the order # and it would tell me right away like UPS does. I have to fill in all the information, then I get an autogenerated email saying that they will get back to me within 48 hours about the progress of my order.


Another couple hours pass, and I decide to call the customer service number. Due to the holiday in progress, they do not have any operators (at all, it's not like the operators were busy, an operator wasn't even an option), they tell you to go to ftd. com and fill out the inquiry form (which is what I already did and was supposed to wait up to 48 hours).


Give it until 4:15 and email my Mom to ask if she got flowers. She writes back and says "Ha Ha-very funny", as if I was rubbing it in or something. I wrote back and said "Seriously". Decided to call her at 10 'til 5 and the guy was bringing the flowers through the door. She was so surprised and loved them.

Then had to hang up 5 minutes later and lock up the office and go home.

It's the thought that counts, right?

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