Friday, February 29, 2008

The Melting Pot

Let's talk about the most important thing first-the food!

It was just as good as I remembered it, even with it being a good year or more since we had been. Incredible. Cheddar cheese fondue, amazing house salad, surf and turf main course and delectable dessert. It took us almost 3 hours to eat there was so much food.

I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed that they changed their menu. The dessert no longer comes with the "Big Night Out" which is what it used to be called. Also, we got double everything and they wouldn't let us try different options, it had to all be one. Just an observation and we will know for next time.

Conversation was good, and the atmosphere was great.

Of course, I waited until the very end to spill my guts and tell them things I had been wanting to say. They were all good things, and I was able to just openly tell them the things I've appreciated over the years, how much they mean to me now and what I have learned that I want my kids to learn too. I've just never done that outside of writing it down. They were very responsive. My grandfather was the one who really got what I was trying to do, and it felt good to have that connection.

I feel like last night was kind of a stepping stone into some kind of "adulthood" for me. Even if it's just a baby step, it's a step in the right direction.

And there was chocolate too, what could be better?

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Jeremy said...

Glad to hear it went well. I had a chance to do something similar so I know how fulfilling it can be.