Saturday, February 16, 2008

Riding the Carousel

We took a little family trip to Grapevine Mills Mall last night.

The Purpose:

To get Kolbe a train! Awhile back we decided to ditch the star chart that we used as a reward system, and introduce-the marbles!

He saw some marbles I had in a jar with flowers, and really liked them, so we told him that at the end of each day, if he behaved, he would get 3 marbles. Once he filled up his own jar, he could get a new train. So we made it a big deal, let him pick out the marbles (not the jar because it probably would have only been big enough to hold 3 total), and started to implement it. There were some days where he didn't get any marbles, and some days where he did so great he would get 4. He really understood the concept, and after 6 weeks, he filled the jar!!

So this outing was all for Kolbe to pick out his reward. We had dinner, rode the carousel, and he picked out what ended up being a new race car set with the loops, tracks and (sigh-there needs to be more estrogen in this house) race cars.

Bottom line-he earned it, and now his jar is empty and we're gearing up for the next big reward!!

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