Sunday, March 16, 2008

Camping with Two Small Children...


Okay...I have to say, I didn't have the absolute best attitude going into the camping trip, and I happen to slightly enjoy camping. We've been several times on vacations, with groups of friends and with family. It makes for a good time (mostly due to the S'mores).

So this weekend, it was camping at Lake Murray National Park in Oklahoma. I was really looking forward to seeing Kolbe enjoy himself, because he had been with Keith before, and he had also been with Oma and Opa for several days and really loved it. He has been talking about camping for weeks.

What I was not looking forward to was having a 14 month old out in the wilderness for the weekend. Horrible approach I know. It ended up being alright. We had our ups and downs. It was a little chaotic when we first arrived and had the four of us AND Keith's parents in the RV and everyone talking and trying to get around. After they left we went down to the lake, took a walk and then napped. Was worried about the sleeping arrangement, but put the daybed in the back and closed the curtain and Nick did great. Spent the afternoon cooking and taking more walks, it was nice. I have to admit, it is nice to get away from all the people, the computer and be outside. It is a different kind of relaxation.

The worst part was when we got the fire going Nickolas did not want to stay away from it. He wanted to throw things in it. It was making me really nervous. We had s'mores, they were delicious. Early bedtime and it was great to get some sleep.

Headed back home rather early this morning-there's only so many walks you can take! =) That was our Spring Break!!

Camping with the Muellers

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Jeremy said...

I've been to Lake Murray several times. The cabins are pretty nice. I'm sure the lake was too cold the swim in but it very nice to just sit back and take in.